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The graphics for download on Designs By Astro are link ware, which means that in order to use them for free on your personal home pages you must provide a link back to Designs By Astro on each page where the graphics are used. All the backgrounds and images used  on my site's pages were created by me to be used only by me, they are not free for the taking. 

Please do not, resize, alter, or otherwise change the graphics/backgrounds/tiles in any way without my prior written permission.
DO NOT use my graphics on sites that are not suitable for ALL ages. 
DO NOT place my Tutorials on any website or claim as your own, or on CD, or send through e-mail list or group list such as AOL or YGroups or any other list without my prior written  permission. A text link is all that is needed to share my tutorials with others. Groups wishing to provide a text link to my tutorials need not mail me for permission but it is always nice to know who is using my tutorials and to see the results.

All images created using my tutorials are yours to do with as you wish, this also includes making a profit from your OWN results from my tutorials! The tutorials and all  images/screenshots & text are my copyright property and are to be left where they are. You may download or print out my tutorials to use off-line for your OWN personal use.......But they are not to be shared with anyone through mail or any other way other than by a text link. 

DO NOT link images directly from my site. This is bandwidth theft. Right click and  "Save As" to your own hard drive.

Sorry, but at this time I am no longer allowing my tutorials to be translated into another language .

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