Skill Level Standard for Tutorials.

 Many tutorial authors came together to come up with
a rating system so that we might help the users of 

Paint Shop Pro tutorials know what level of skill they
will need to complete the tutorials. The standard of
rating skill is
offered to any Tutorial Author that
wishes to use it. 

It is our hope that it will help both authors and users.

Below you will find a scale to use as a guideline to rate 
tutorials. If you have any questions please email me!


Buttons are provided for each skill level. You may use 
these or make your own to match your design,  please 
link buttons to......
Right click and select "Save As" Save to your own hard 
drive, do not link directly to buttons on this site.

Whisper was gracious enough to colorize some buttons
for us. Just click on her name above to see them.
Thanks Whisper!

Paint Shop Pro guidelines to rate skill level of tutorials. 
Scale is from 1 thru 10+ & double rating

1 thru 4 Beginner Level

1 & 2 Beginner.. Tutorials with precise instructions, step by 
step with lots of screenshots detailing where tools are located.
From the basics of understanding the tools of PSP, using tubes,
exporting tubes, saving images, adding borders, making tiles. 

High Beginner Level

3 & 4 High Beginner.. Working with PSP filters, learning 
basics of layers, backgrounds & buttons, simple frames,
bevels, cutouts, saving options, simple selections, precise
instructions for step by step with lots of screenshots,
detailed path of locations of filters & tools. Use of 
Deformation tool.

5 thru 7 Intermediate Level

5 & 6 Intermediate... continue with layers, adding plugins,
working with simple selections, mask, filters, frames, basic preset
vectors shapes, experimenting with brushes, making simple tubes.
Working with preset patterns and gradients  


High Intermediate Level
Level 7, High Intermediate.. simple preset vectors, simple 
node manipulation, shadowing with airbrush and Gaussian  blur,
simple animation's, working with more tubes, making your own
selections. Making your own patterns and gradients. 
Plugins and filters.

8-10+ Advanced Level

8 & 9 Vicious Vectors, (We decided was a good name for them! *L* )
Writing your first tutorial, harder vectors, manipulating
nodes and changing node types, Vector text, Working 
with lots of layers, more advanced shading and shadowing. 
Begin working with freehand tools making such things as
lines, smiles, strands of hair, freehand simple bows, and 
hangers, using different textures, patterns, filters, plugins. 
Experimenting with creating simple tubes, Harder 
animations containing more frames, Use of 
Retouch Tool.

Over the Top Advanced

10+ Advanced.. Anything that is not covered in the above.
using shadowing to make realistic faces, hair, skin/body tones,
extensive use of filters and plugins, freehand drawing, painting, 
making hard tubes, beizer curve. Maps, Image Slicer.
Making your own mask, detailed animations.

 Double ratings... 
Some tutorials should have a double rating. Example.. if 
a tutorial uses both selections and vectors it would be double
rated. One rating set to the skill level of selections and 
another set to vector level. 

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